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What antenna gain should I use for my Helium Miner?

Using the right antenna’s dBi gain for your helium miner will have an effect on your mining rewards. Let’s take a look into what type of antenna will best suit your location.

There is a large variety of antennas available for your mining setup, each with different characteristics. In this article we’ll be looking at antennas and dBi gain.

Firstly, when using any antenna, they do not amplify a signal, they actually redistribute the available radio frequency signal into a direction. In short, antennas don’t create a radio frequency, they direct or concentrate radio energy into a preferred direction. Why is this important when choosing the more suited antenna? Let’s take a look.

To keep things simple, the higher the dBi number of the antenna the higher the gain. But less of a broad field pattern. Meaning that the signal strength will reach further but in a more narrower direction. We’ve added in this really simple illustration below to further explain this. 

Source – https://www.netxl.com/blog/networking/antenna-gain/

Here is another illustration which shows the antenna from a top view. Just remember the higher the dBi isn’t always going to equate to higher earnings. It is recommended to choose between a 5.8 – 8 dBi as they can provide a nice tradeoff between signal gain and vertical bandwidth. But this can really depend on your location.

Antenna Top view
Source – https://www.netxl.com/blog/networking/antenna-gain/

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