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The Helium Network for Businesses

The Helium network for businesses is gaining momentum across Australia due to an upsurge of interest in its highly innovative decentralized market for Internet of Things (IoT) data. At the heart of this revolution is Helium’s unique incentivized approach that enables anyone to earn Helium Tokens by sharing their IoT devices through the network and selling the data streams they produce, through Helium Miners (find out what a Helium Miner is here).

How the Helium Network will be used by businesses

The Helium blockchain network has been designed to support a wide range of emerging IoT devices that will be used by countless new companies over the coming years. The company’s goal is to become the underlying plumbing that runs the Internet of Things, supporting millions of devices through a decentralized blockchain network. By enabling any data owner to sell their IoT data streams, Helium is set to become an integral part of how this emerging industry operates.

Ok, so the translation is – businesses can save money by utilising the Helium Network vs. the average go-to network. As Helium states, “Connect devices and collect data in ways never before possible at a fraction the cost of cellular without needing to deploy and maintain wireless infrastructure.”

Dish is a Telco company in the USA that is DISH becomes the first major carrier in the telco industry Read more here.

For businesses considering utilising the Helium blockchain network for their future IoT devices, there are many benefits associated with this method. Not only does it enable them to generate revenue from their IoT products, but it allows them to create a network of stakeholders that are incentivized to support the future growth of their company. This will have numerous benefits, including improved data throughput and increased reliability, which are crucial for any real-time applications that need the support of the blockchain network.

With many companies either exploring or already utilising the Helium blockchain network, it is clear that this project has some significant momentum behind it. If you are considering utilising IoT devices in your business, then this blockchain network could be an exciting new avenue to explore. Whether you’re looking for ways of monetizing your company’s product or just want to be part of the future of the Internet, Helium is an exciting proposition that has much to offer.

What type of businesses are using the Helium network?

Here are some example industries that currently benefit from The Helium Network:

  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Agriculture
  • Environment Monitoring
  • Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Smart Water Monitoring

On top of saving money by utilising the network, your business could actually earn Helium Tokens by purchasing a Helium Miner for your office or warehouse. All this does is use about the same as a few Netflix movies-worth of internet data & about a lightbulb’s worth of electricity each day. So why not capitalise on everything Helium Network has to offer? Get in touch with our team to set up a one-on-one discussion to see how you can get the process started.

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Lindsay is originally from the USA and currently runs a marketing agency on the Mid North Coast of Australia.

Lindsay has been investing and researching cryptocurrency & blockchain technology since 2017.

She is currently assisting with AWKI, a cryptocurrency course for beginners, and implementing Web 3.0 technologies throughout clients' businesses to create more efficient processes online.

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