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How much money will I earn with a Helium Miner?

First of all, great question. We’ve received a lot of queries about how much money will I earn with a Helium Miner. 

There are many factors that will affect how much you earn with your Helium Miner. These include the number of hotspots you’re connected to in your area, how big your miner’s radius is and how many times your reward will be split with other hotspots.

If you’ve stumbled upon this article and are not sure what a helium miner is, you can find out more information on What Is a Helim Miner. This’ll get you up to speed on the ins and outs of helium mining and how it’s helping build The Peoples Network.

Alright, let’s dive in!

How many hotspots you’re connected to

To put it simply, the more hotspots you can connect to outside a 300m radius, the more earning capacity your miner will have. There are miners in Sydney earning around $700AUD per month. The best of these bunch will be connected to over 28 other hotspots in their area! 

Of course, how many miners you connect to will depend on the number of other hotspots around you.

How much are others in my area earning?

The radius of your miner

The radius of your miner will affect how many other hotspots you connect with. The more you connect with the more earning capacity you have. The bigger your radius grows, the larger the network you create. Thus you’re rewarded with more Helium tokens. As an example, the Linxdot Miner has a radius of 10 miles, or just over 16km. 

What will affect my miner’s radius

Like all radio waves, they can be affected by many things. Including buildings, other frequencies and even the landscape of where you set your hotspot up. If you live on a hill, you will have a greater radius than those in a valley. Some of these variables can be overcome with a few simple inexpensive tools.

How to increase your Helium Miner radius

I bet you’ve guessed it, but by buying an antenna you can increase the radius of your Helium Miner. There are certain antennas that can be used with various hotspots. The higher you place your antennas naturally the further its radius will be.

You’re probably thinking those living in the city will have a much higher earning capacity, however this is not always the case. The bigger the cluster, the more your reward will be split with others.

The radius of your miner

How many times your reward will be split with others

You can purchase a minimum of 1 miner and maximum of 3 miners, each miner should be set up 300m apart. Once you get it you can always experiment with different antennas depending on your needs and location. If you can set them up 300m apart, this won’t affect their performance. This is quite an important factor. If your neighbour has set up a Helium Miner next door then chances are, your earning will be halved. If you have a cluster of miners in a very small radius then it will be divided by the number of hotspots in your radius.

How much are others in my area earning?

How much are others in my area earning?

Helium offers a free mapping tool so you can find out what others are earning in your area https://explorer.helium.com/hotspots/. Simply put in your address and explore the network. It’s easy to use and should give you a really good understanding of your earning capacity.

If you’re in regional Australia, we recommend checking out a Facebook group in your area. Simply post your area and ask if anyone else is located nearby. Helium Mining is such a community-based way of earning passive cryptocurrency income that people alway share helpful information.

Thanks for tuning into another article. If you’ve got any more questions, simply fill out our contact form. If you want to get involved and help build The People’s Network, buy a miner today.

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