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    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are no miners in my area, will I still be rewarded (make money)?

    You can use the Helium planning tool to find out what Miners are being set up in the future click here.

    How do I find out the delivery date of Linxdot?

    We recommend getting in touch with the supplier directly to enquire about products as our team simply provides advice on where to purchase items. They’ll be able to provide you with exact shipping times for your location.


    How many miners can I setup close to each other in the same room

    We suggest setting up one miner in a 300m radius.

    Can you mine Helium Token anywhere?

    Helium Tokens can be mined anywhere in Australia.

    Do you stock Helium Miners?

    Helium Miners Australia does not stock Helium Miners or antennas. We provide education and articles.

    Where can I buy antennas?

    Check out our antenna page https://www.heliumminersaustralia.com.au/buy-a-miner. Click on the antennas tab to view antennas available to you.

    Can I use a Linxdot miner in my country?

    How much data does one miner use per month?

    A miner uses roughly 250GB of data per month.

    I've ordered a Miner and I have questions about my order

    If you’ve ordered a Helium Miner and you’ve got questions about your order. Please contact the company you’ve ordered your miner through.

    Bobcat Minerhttps://bobcatminer.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
    Helium Minerhttps://www.linxdot.com/support/
    Nebra Minerhttps://www.nebra.com/pages/contact-us
    RAK Minerhttps://store.rakwireless.com/pages/contact-us