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How does a Helium Miner work and what is LoRaWAN?

Helium mining is becoming a very hot topic leading into 2022 and you’re probably wondering, what is a Helium Miner, how does a Helium Miner work and what is LoRaWAN?

Key points:

  • Helium miners form a LoRaWAN network for low bandwidth, long battery life devices
  • LoRaWAN is a networking protocol built atop the LoRa communications protocol. It is a decentralised network, unlike similar protocols such as NB-IoT and LTE Cat M that are operated by large Communication Service Providers
  • Helium miners provide the incentives required to scale the LoRaWAN network
  • IoT device numbers are projected to reach into the 10’s of billions in the coming years, making it a highly lucrative industry

The Helium Network for Businesses

The Helium network for businesses is gaining momentum across Australia due to an upsurge of interest in its highly innovative decentralized market for Internet of Things (IoT) data. At the heart of this revolution is Helium’s unique incentivized approach that enables anyone to earn Helium Tokens by sharing their IoT devices through the network and selling the data streams they produce, through Helium Miners (find out what a Helium Miner is here).


How much money will I earn with a Helium Miner?

First of all, great question. We’ve received a lot of queries about how much money will I earn with a Helium Miner. 

There are many factors that will affect how much you earn with your Helium Miner. These include the number of hotspots you’re connected to in your area, how big your miner’s radius is and how many times your reward will be split with other hotspots.


Buy A Helium Miner, Help The World (Oh, And Make Money Off It Too)

You’re about to learn how you can make passive income to help the world.

Two words. Helium Mining.

Chances are if you’re reading this you already have a fair understanding of the Helium network, but if you’ve just gosh-darn wandered in here with nowhere else to go then boy do I have a tell-your-friends-around-the-barbecue story to share with you. Head here for the lowdown on what this whole thing’s all about. What is a Helium Miner?


Check Out the Helium Community

On top of the potential financial benefits, crypto gives you the chance to join new communities of like-minded people all over the world. Online and offline communities have formed around Helium, so we want to share our favourite places to stay updated and even get involved if you’d like.

These groups may help you decide if investing in a Helium miner in Australia is the right choice. Feel free to join them, ask a question, or juts take a look at what other people are talking about.


What is a Helium Miner?

Helium is a blockchain network that is designed to create a decentralized wireless network for connected devices. As part of helping Helium network’s Proof of Coverage protocol, you can generate passive income by helping construct and maintain the Helium network with a helium miner.