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Buy A Helium Miner, Help The World (Oh, And Make Money Off It Too)

You’re about to learn how you can make passive income to help the world.

Two words. Helium Mining.

Chances are if you’re reading this you already have a fair understanding of the Helium network, but if you’ve just gosh-darn wandered in here with nowhere else to go then boy do I have a tell-your-friends-around-the-barbecue story to share with you. Head here for the lowdown on what this whole thing’s all about. What is a Helium Miner?

Now we’re all on the same page it’s time to show you how The People’s Network actually helps us make the world a better place.

Buckle up, kids. These use cases are going to bring a tear to your eye and more goosebumps than a John Denver singalong (if that’s your thing). Let’s go!

Scooters & Bikes & Skateboards

You’ve probably seen these around your city. Normally neatly parked on footpaths and occasionally stuck halfway up trees. Progress.

The micromobility market has taken over every corner of our cities in recent years and it’s not going away any time soon. Ever wondered how these companies keep track of the location of their scooters? 

You probably haven’t. But it’s with the internet, folks. 

And while connecting to the internet is cheap enough when you’re using your phone to play Words with Friends, it quickly becomes expensive when you have thousands of ‘devices’ (AKA scooters) sharing their location with the network. 

With the Helium network up and running, companies like Lime – which has already jumped onboard the Helium train floating away into the sky – can save heaps (that’s the scientific term) in cellular costs.

The best bit? 

Every time they connect, it’s more HNT tokens for you.

Scooters & Bikes & Skateboards

Dog Trackers

You know what’s cute? When your little pug-cross-beagle trouble child Benji rolls over for a belly rub with his tongue lolling out to the side. 

You know what’s not cute? When Benji digs a hole under the fence, chases the next door neighbour’s cat for three blocks and then has no idea where he is. Bad Benji.

Microchips in pet collars aren’t a new invention. But the ones we use today are power-hungry and expensive and silly. 

With Helium, batteries won’t need to be changed for years and you can monitor your pet’s location directly on your phone. Benji’s home in no time.

And remember, whenever those microchips connect, the Helium miners providing the network (spoiler alert – that’s you) get paid in HNT tokens.

Dog Trackers

Preserving The Crown Jewels

Art pieces are high maintenance. 

Priceless art pieces are really, really, ridiculously high maintenance (and good looking).

Your date night portrait of your partner that became an abstract piece halfway through might not need to be protected from the elements. But the same is not true for the art hanging in museums.

These fancy shmancy pieces of art need to be constantly monitored for temperature, humidity, vibration, and other harmful environmental factors.

The People’s Network provides an affordable way for these museums to protect these artworks and keep them looking 26 rather than 62. 

And guess what you get?

I’ve already said it twice so I hope you’re catching on by this point, but yes, you get those tasty HNT tokens as payment for providing a Helium miner.

Preserving The Crown Jewels


So what now? 

Well, if you hate the world, don’t want to see progress and can’t stand the sight of making money – close this article and get back to 4Chan and YouTube comment sections.

But if you do want to help the world, and you do want to see new technology, and you do want to make some passive income – then join The People’s Network and buy a Helium Miner. Oh and you can read this if you’re interested in finding out how much you will earn with your Helium Miner.

We’ll be able to give you discounts on all the major Helium Miner providers. Head here to view what’s available.

Any questions? Let us know! 

We know this stuff is new and can be confusing – that’s why we exist.

We really believe in this crazy old thing and we’re here to answer your questions and help you figure out what miner’s right for you.

Talk to you soon!

Disclosure: The links provided in this blog are affiliate links. Helium Miners Australia will be paid a commission if you use these links to make a purchase.

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