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Lindsay Russel

Lindsay Russell

Lindsay is originally from the USA and currently runs a marketing agency on the Mid North Coast of Australia. Lindsay has been investing and researching cryptocurrency & blockchain technology since 2017. She is currently assisting with AWKI, a cryptocurrency course for beginners, and implementing Web 3.0 technologies throughout clients’ businesses to create more efficient processes online.

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Patrick Black Helium miners australia

Patrick Black

A specialist in digital technologies and the dynamic world of online marketing, Patrick has a passion for bringing complex, leading edge technologies to the masses. He helps break down the evolving applications of blockchain technology into digestible, bite-sized pieces for the everyday Australian.

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Myles Sicuro

After a diverse career in digital marketing across Australia and the UK, Myles discovered that he was most inspired by ever changing technologies. Crpyto and blockchain open up new, endless possibilities in the digital landscape. This gets me pretty excited.

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